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Launch of Better EV Batteries, Investments, and Partnerships Lead the EV Test Equipment Market

Hemangi-GokhaleElectric vehicles are not new to the 21st-century automobile sector. As a matter of fact, many automobile manufacturers such as Tesla, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Tata, and Renault among others are launching comfortable and affordable EVs in the global market.

The Covid-19 pandemic disturbed the industry for a brief time period, however, the manufacturing activities are getting started gradually. And as the market is getting back on track, experts and market players are expecting a rise in demand for the EV test equipment market too.

There are many factors and trends which propel the growth in this market. Factors such as improvement in battery technologies, rising use of vehicle electronics, and growing demand for electric vehicles propel the EV test equipment market. A growing number of EV charging stations, advancement in EV test equipment, and the rising demand for on-board diagnostic tools boost the EV test equipment sector.

Many credible market research reports predict a positive future for this market. As per the report published by Allied Market Research, the global EV test equipment market is anticipated to manifest positive growth numbers and extended opportunities.

Talking about the trends that are driving the EV test equipment landscape, increase in popularity of EV, passing regulations by the governments across the world in favor of EVs, increasing investment in the electronic vehicle test equipment sector, and partnerships lead the graph.

New investments in the market:

The demand for testing equipment is bound to increase when the demand for EVs is high and market players are willing to invest more to cater to this demand. Investment is a key trend in any growing business sector and the EV sector is not an exception to it.

A globally known automobile manufacturer Ford has recently disclosed that it is in talks with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and proposing to develop a new eTrans system at Halewood. This system can help the company boost its presence and offerings in the U.K. market. As per the reports, the Ford British plant is vying with other European transmission production facilities of Ford in Germany for the investment.

Another update comes from Ault Global Holdings. Ault has revealed that it has made investments in Unique Electric Solutions (UES), Inc. UES is a developer of EV propulsion systems. Their usual target vehicles are commercial trucks and school buses. However, this investment from Ault will help UES increase the production of the system and diversify into adjacent markets.

New Launch of EV battery testing solutions:

EV test equipment helps in checking and diagnosing the overall quality of the electric vehicle, right from its battery function, power usage, and more. The market has recently witnessed a few launches in this concern.

One update comes from INFICON. The company has launched a technology to enable automakers and battery distributors check EV battery cells for leaks.

Billions of lithium-ion battery cells are manufactured every year and many of them have small undetected leaks. This leak could affect battery life or cause a fire. The technology developed by INFICON can correctly test all types of lithium-ion battery cells.

This is the single most leak-detection development in the past decade, as claimed by Dr. Daniel Wetzig, the Director of INFICON’s research and development. This technology was unveiled for the first time at The Battery Show in Novi, Michigan.

The company’s ELT3000 spectrometer technology can help in assuring an extended EV battery life (which can be as long as 10 years), lower the warranty costs, and help against the risk of battery fires, as per the company.

Another update comes from Chroma. Chroma ATE recently launched the 8610 Battery Pack Power HIL Testbed. The solution not only conducts the basic functions and signal control tests but also verifies the actual power behavior. Users can conduct more thorough verification on the vehicle’s standard V-shaped development process for battery packs, battery management systems, and cooling and heating systems. This way, users can find and rectify issues or faults early to lower development costs and boost test efficiency.

While small companies are making efforts to boost the testing environment and process, how can big and credible names stay behind?


Partnerships are expected in every growing business sector. Partnerships and joint ventures take place to conduct research and development activities, improve existing offerings, and launch new solutions or products, among other purposes.

General Motors has entered a joint venture with LG Energy Solution to form Ultium Cells LLC. The joint venture will deploy a Quality Control System (QCS) built by Honeywell International Inc. to avoid battery issues plaguing the Chevrolet Bolt.

 Honeywell shared a statement, stating that its QCS will install compact, high-precision scanners and basis weight sensors which will operate as the quality control platform for four of the production lines at a plant in Lordstown, Ohio.

EV test equipment are going through upgrades on a regular basis and the market is leveraging these upgrades to create more demand for the equipment by making smart decisions.

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