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Lawrence and Mayo Introduces Advanced Mobile Mapping Solutions to India

LYNX – Lawrence & Mayo has recently introduced the highly-advanced GexCel mobile mapping solutions that are set to bring a much needed upgrade to the construction and infrastructure segment.

The GexCel scanner single-handedly manages to capture, with no initialisation procedure, and is ideal to quickly and repeatedly survey complex environments.

The scanner represents a new step in the fast mapping solutions, beside the 3D geometrical documentation.

The user has now the possibility to detect scene details with 5k resolution 360˚ colour images. Equipped with the desktop software to process the acquired data (point clouds and images), it minimises the “Drift” effects (patented bundle adjustment process), filter moving and aides to construct deeper analysis and create measurable blueprints.

Also composed by a Velodyne Puck LITE Sensor it has an easy to carry rugged control unit. The point cloud model is fully compatible with static laser scanner data and enriched with reflectance information on field. Right surveying is the first step to effective construction. And the GexCel Mobile mapping solutions, come with a new panoramic camera enabling surveyors to visualise in 3D whilst surveying and mapping of indoor buildings, small infrastructures, underground mines and cavities.

Speaking about this novel offering, Mar. Glenford D’souza, Senior General Manager, Lynx – Lawrence a& Mayo, said, “We at Lynx – Lawrence and Mayo take pride in offering novel solutions in order to build urban living in India, on par with international standards. Our products strictly follow the industrial specific quality control and are easily made available to the Indian markets and manufacturers.”

About 7% of the world’s labour force is employed in the construction industry, forming a major sector of the world economy. Furthermore, Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have definitely changed the game by making jobs sites more efficient and valuable in process. Machine learning serves as a smart assistant that help engineers scrutinize a mountain of data. Thus, aiding project managers to focus on the critical nuances and deliver ideal outcomes.

In urban planning projects, surveyors and land mapping play an integral role.  From the land subdivisions through the final construction of roads, utilities, and landscaping them are the first people on any construction site measuring and mapping the land. The principal measurements are then used by architects to understand and optimally utilise the unique landscape.

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