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Top Gas Discharge Tubes Manufacturers (GDT) in the World

Plucker tube aka Gas discharge tubesis a properly prepared electrodes in a gas inside an insulating, temperature-resistant envelope. These tubes exploit a kind of phenomena which is related to electric discharge. The way of these gas discharge tubes are ionizing the gas with an applied voltage sufficient to cause electrical conduction by the underlying phenomena of the Townsend discharge. There are several companies which work to make these tubes, but here we have enlisted few top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world;


Littelfuseis one of the pivotal names when we elaborate about Gas discharge tubes. Given its leadership certainly pins Littelfsue as one of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world. Littelfuse’s gas discharge tubes offer a small footprint and are available in leaded and surface mount configurations, with high surge handling capability. Littelfuse offers both low surge GDTs and medium surge GDTs. Their fast response to transient over-voltage events, and ability to dissipate large amounts of energy, translates into reduced risk of equipment damage. The amount of energy dispersed by gas discharge tubes makes them a good choice for lightning surge protection, particularly for telecom equipment located in outdoor structures.

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One of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world, Bourns’ gas discharge tubes are used in primary and secondary applications and can withstand multiple applications of high surge current energy in excess of 25 KA. Bourns offers standard 8 mm GDTs and a 5 mm mini-series GDT in two and three electrode versions featuring long service life and low capacitance and insertion loss. An optional, proprietary Switch-Grade Fail-Short is offered on the three electrode version to provide superior protection from thermal runaway.

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gas tube

Laird Connectivity

Laird Connectivity simplifies the rapid integration of wireless connectivity with innovative solutions, world-class manufacturing and unparalleled customer support. Its world class varieties of GDTs have made it one of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world. The company’s culture creates a fast moving, flexible work environment attracting employees who focus on providing accelerated profitable growth.

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TDK has worldwide clients and its wide varieties of products have earned a lot of appreciations from the customers. One of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world, TDK Electronics (formerly EPCOS) is headquartered in Munich and employs about 21,600 people worldwide. The company develops, manufactures and sells passive components and systems, using a global network of around 20 R&D and production facilities plus more than 20 sales offices outside Europe to do so.

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Eaton is one of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world, the reason is its different varieties of GDTs. Eaton energy-efficient products and services help its customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more reliably, efficiently, safely and sustainably. By giving people tools to use power more efficiently. Helping companies do business more sustainably.

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Huber + Suhner

HUBER+SUHNER gas discharge tube (GDT) technology based EMP protectors are generally designed as coaxial feed-through devices for 50 or 75 ohm systems. GDT technology based protectors feature DC/AC continuity for remote powering and large bandwidth. Although, it has numbers of GDTs but few has made its name in the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world. 3401 is one of them, standard GDT lightning / EMP protectors feature DC continuity and large bandwidth. Most HUBER+SUHNER GDT protector designs also offer excellent performance in NEMP applications.

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Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact is one of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world. While using ideal surge protection concept, Phoenix has achieved lots of popularity. The company is involved the optimum arrangement of components that respond quickly such as suppressor diodes and powerful protective devices such as gas discharge tubes. The gap between these two protection stages is closed by varistors. They take longer to activate than diodes but have a higher discharge capacity.

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TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity electrical and electronic products are engineered to reliably connect and protect the flow of data, power, and signal – in electric vehicles and aircraft, digital factories and smart homes, and life-saving medical devices, efficient utility networks, and the global communications infrastructure. For nearly 80 years, the company’s focus on engineering for reliability and empowering the potential of people has helped drive innovation in the technology transforming how the world lives, works, and connects. The quality of its GDTs has made it one of the top gas discharge tubes manufacturers in the world.

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