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LED Lights Remain Invisible to the Human Eye but Visible to the CCTV Camera

Right lighting and better illumination is the most important and easiest way to prevent anti-social behaviour and vandalism.

Rakesh Zutshi
Rakesh Zutshi, President, ELCOMA and MD, Halonix Technologies Pvt. Ltd

How right lighting can cut anti-social behaviour and vandalism?

Ans: Right lighting and better illumination is the most important and easiest way to prevent anti-social behaviour and vandalism. If there is inadequate lighting it’s an open invitation to vandalism.  While on the other hand, proper lighting improves surveillance and increases the risk for the offenders to be detected easily. In this way, right lighting improves the public’s feeling of security and it’s also a most cost-effective barrier to crime.

How IoT lighting can make pedestrians feel safer?

Ans: Studded with advanced technology, IoT lighting undoubtedly helps in making the cities safer for the pedestrians. IoT lighting remains connected to the internet and cloud-based system through which it monitors the traffic and speed with the help of sensors on a real-time basis. The pedestrians can enjoy safer walks by using wearable devices that send their positions to IoT traffic lights that alert vehicles to their position even if the drivers can’t see them.

Lighting for CCTV and security, solutions and technological advancements? 

Ans: Next generation of LED lights have revolutionized security solutions by their compatibility with intelligent detector-driven CCTV cameras and applications, besides various other security solutions like active warning systems. With the advancement of technology, LED lights, especially the high-power infrared LED lights are used increasingly in security solutions providing instruments. Designed for use with both day and night cameras, these infra-red illuminating LED lights remain invisible to the human eye but visible to the CCTV camera and so there use has gained much significance in these instruments.

Blue light and crime – Impact and its way forward? 

Ans: Blue LED lights are high-energy visible lights which boost people’s energy, their mood, and alertness during the daylight hours. Their increased streetlights is considered useful in preventing street crime and suicide attempts. Various studies suggest that the installation of blue colored streetlights in Scotland and Japan led to a considerable drop in crime and suicide attempts in these countries. Associated with calmer things like the sky and sea, the blue lights are considered to have a calming effect on the agitated mind. These lights are also used to treat seasonal kind of depression. With their growing use and adaptability in the prevention of suicide and crime across the world, the blue lights definitely have a very bright future ahead.  


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