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LG New Tech Starts Car using Facial Gestures

LG is also said to be awaiting patents for new technology in automotive foldable displays and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

LG Electronics has successfully developed a new system that enables a car owners to start their vehicle by having their facial expressions or gestures and finger movements recognized using in-built cameras.

LG Car Facial GesturesLG Electronics had applied for a patent for its “biometric authentication method and device using multiple cameras in a car” in 2019 and the patent was published recently.

Facial recognition within the car can also be used to tailor the environment for each driver. For example, when the vehicle identifies the driver using facial recognition, the preferred driver’s seat position, speed, cabin temperature, and audio volume are adjusted automatically.

LG is also said to be awaiting patents for new technology in automotive foldable displays and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

The system will be able to detect if a driver is tired or takes ill suddenly, from their facial and hand gestures as they drive.

Facial recognition technology on the vehicle’s dashboard camera can also help identify the driver and other family members who are authorized to drive the vehicle. This can ensure that the vehicle is not stolen or misused.

The biometrics technology, in general, can also allow drivers to control other devices directly so that they can focus better on driving.

The camera installed within the vehicle can read the driver’s gestures and adjust various driving conditions. This can help the driver adjust, say the audio volume or make calls via a smartphone connected to the car’s audio using gestures. This allows the driver to focus on driving by never letting go of the steering wheel.

Further, the detection system can not only see the movement of a person but objects as well. The advanced camera technology can spot obstacles ahead and predict potential collisions.

When an object is spotted, the system can detect its size and other specifics. And based on the calculation results, the vehicle can automatically determine the best maneuver and where to stay in the lane and adjust the speed accordingly.

The interiors of future automobiles are being developed based on biometric and touchless technology.


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