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BIS TECHNOVATORS | A Delhi-Based Startup Revolutionizing Li-ion Battery for EVs

Delhi based startup, Ziptrax provides unique technology to tackle the Li-ion Battery waste generated in EV space and has also deployed prototypes of the 2nd life batteries for Pilots in electric 2W and 3W, while supplying the cathode and anode materials that are further used for manufacturing new Li-ion battery cells. Its Cradle-to-Grave approach to Li-ion batteries reduces the battery costs significantly for applications such as EVs and BESS, benefitting not just Manufacturers and Distributors but also End Users and Customers. While talking with Nitisha from Bisinfotech, Rohan Singh, Founder, Ziptrax talks about the Li-ion batteries and the value of recycling these products

Rohan Singh, Founder, Ziptrax

Q. Ziptrax claims to enhance Lithium ion batteries life significantly. Can you tell our readers about how you can make it happen?

Ziptrax Cleantech leverages its Battery Intelligence (AI) to repurpose discarded Li-ion batteries. Hence, extending the service life of li-ion batteries, by manufacturing 2nd Life battery packs for electric two and three-wheeler vehicles, that can be used in Battery Swapping Stations.

Q. Which sectors are your pivotal focus and Indian market strategies?
For Ziptrax, focus has been AI-Powered Circular Economy for Lithium Ion Batteries and the company has partnered with EV Makers like Hero Electric and Sungeel Hitech to recycle the discarded EV battery packs. There is also considerable interest amongst top EV car makers in US and Europe to provide 2nd life battery packs for re-use to Ziptrax.

Q.  Please share future marketing plans and upcoming projects?
Upcoming projects in 2021 include Hero Electric’s Battery pack disposal, Setting up of Ziptrax’s Technology Demonstrator Pilot Plant (1TPD) and Deployment of Global EV Automobile Batteries in second life applications.

Q. Has Covid 19 impacted your industry? How do you plan to cope up with such situations?
Post pandemic, Ziptrax had started production of recycled battery materials for shipping to our korean partners, Sungeel Hitech. Global and domestic demand has risen for critical battery materials like Cobalt Sulphate, Lithium Carbonate, Nickel, Copper as well as intermediaries like Black Mass and Pure Cathode powders.

Q. Apart from India, which market are you looking for in future?
In 2019, Ziptrax was selected for Shell’s E4 program and raised $120,000 from Shell’s Incubator fund to develop and deploy the technology. Ziptrax’s current focus is scaling up its annual capacity to 1200 tonnes and we are in conversations with potential strategic investors and VCs to raise seed investment round of $500,000 for the expansion.

Q. The growth of the future lies in the hand of ‘Green Revolution’ in which batteries are going to play an instrumental role, how do you reckon to tap this trend?
With Circular Economy and Closed Loop recycling becoming the prime focus across industries, EVs and Li-ion battery makers are being provided a huge boost globally. Li-ion battery is the key segment to enable this “Electric Revolution”.

Q.  What kind of challenges and scope do you see in your respective industry?
Current challenges to the industry are related to awareness on battery disposal, undeclared battery recycling policy, lack of formalization in the e-waste and battery waste management, lack of government incentives and grants to li-ion battery recyclers and innovators in India.

Q. Lastly major trends you see catapulting and dominating the technology innovation in coming time?
Price parity between EVs and ICE cars, Digital Intelligence (AI/ML) as well as Introduction of technologies like Solid state and Metal-air batteries in the next 3-5 years could take the sector to the next level.


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