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LinguaNext Technologies announces ‘Linguify.S’ now an SAP-endorsed business solution

SAP Lingua NextLinguaNext Technologies has announced that its language platform Linguify.S is now an SAP-endorsed business solution worldwide. Linguify.S has been integrated with SAP applications to give SAP customers an additional local language deployment options. SAP will continue to develop localized versions for selected on-premise or cloud solutions, while Linguify.S further enables SAP applications to be used in any languages.

Linguify.S made no changes or modifications to the original SAP software or application databases. The language conversion part has been controlled externally at the display level, with all screen output translated in real time with the help of customized in-memory dictionary. This way, it will allow customers to run a single language instance of a SAP application across numerous regions, with users in each country choosing their desired display language from a drop-down menu.

The LinguaNext solution reduces the cost, complexity, deployment and  time to market of local language enablement of business applications, provides additional choices and flexibility for businesses running SAP software.

“Companies are increasingly realizing the benefits of providing their staff, their partners and customers in each country with business applications in their native language,” says LinguaNext CEO and co-founder Jagdish Sahasrabudhe. “Surveys clearly show that employee productivity and customer engagement levels are much higher when user interfaces and e-commerce platforms are provided in the local language of the country.” 

Those who are unaware, SAP is one of the leading provider of enterprise application software.

“As the SAP solution portfolio continues to expand and customer demand for local language increases, we have been looking at innovative new ways to deliver local language that will complement SAP’s own efforts and give our customers more choice. Having endorsed the LinguaNext solution two years ago for selected markets and solutions, we felt very confident expanding the partnership to markets and products worldwide,” said VR Ferose, MD, SAP Globalization Services.



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