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List of Top 10 Companies Pioneering 5G in 2019

5G is still making a larger margin in the mainstream of wireless technology. Faster internet speeds, better security, and to augment the rise of internet beyond personal palms. 5G brings an opportunity to accommodate the whole world in-connected. TOP 10 5G CompaniesAccording to analysts, 5G is said to face the mainstream by 2020.  31% of 5G patents are assigned to only six companies. Samsung has a major share with over 600 patents and is followed by other large corporations such as Intel, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, and ZTE.

But here we list down the top 10 companies pioneering in 5G to help you understand the technology and what is cooking for the 5G palate.


Samsung started researching on 5G technology in 2011. Since then, the company has achieved a lot in the next generation of technology and can now be considered as one of the leaders in the 5G domain. As early as the second half of 2018, people in the U.S. will be among the first to experience commercial 5G services, thanks to the agreement between Samsung and Verizon. The agreement, which outlines Samsung’s supply of 5G technology-based Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network solutions to the largest mobile network operator in the U.S., has enabled the initiation of 5G services to begin two years earlier than the industry had originally forecasted.


On March 3, 2019, vying for the 5G trials in US, Australia and other countries, China’s telecom technology giant, Huawei has installed three 5G stations in Tibet. The 5G stations are being installed in different parts of China as part of Huawei’s plans to lead the 5G trials despite the opposition. In this journey of 5G, Huawei teamed up with many companies and universities to make 5G a reality.


There’ll be new services, revolutionary applications and endless business opportunities. Now that might sound challenging, but delivering 5G doesn’t have to be, not with Nokia. We’re the only partner who can take you all the way there, simply and quickly. The company uses an 8000-hectare site to carry out key 5G tests collaborating with Deutsche Telekom and Hamburg Port Authority for their project 5G MoNArch. The project’s main goal is to gain knowledge and experience from 5G networks in the real-world environment. Its industrial uses could be traffic light management, data processing from mobile sensors, and VR applications.


Ericsson is driving 5G standardization and was the largest contributor to the standardization body in 3GPP during 2018. Ericsson is committed to rapidly applying these standards to our technology development. Ericsson have achieved interoperability between Ericsson Radio System commercial radios and the 5G test devices of our ecosystem partners such as Qualcomm and Intel on all main spectrum bands for initial 5G launches – most of them as first in the industry.


5G will transform industries from all business sectors, initiating ripples of impact that spur market growth and the global economy—the heart of The 5G Effect. For a more in-depth look, view the infographic: The 5G Effect: How 5G Will Transform the Global Economy. Intel is also actively conducting end-to-end interoperability developmental tests across countries in different conditions. It has been working closely with the standards bodies and plays a major role in the standards evolution that will help define the 5G market in the coming years.


Qualcomm Technologies’ first 5G NR modem, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X50 5G modem, is designed to achieve up to 5 Gbps in downlink peak data rate. … In addition to higher peak data rates, 5G will provide much more network capacity by expanding into new spectrum, such as millimeter wave (mmWave).


Not just with claiming to introduce 5G services in America first, it has also deployed gigabit 5G connection in three cities: Waco, TX, Kalamazoo, MI, and South Bend, IN. Lately, AT&T said that it wants to test 24GHz millimeter wave equipment as well as further “sub6” equipment testing in Texas. AT&T applied for a two-year “5G” experimental license to cover testing in the 5GHz and 24 GHz bands in Austin, Texas, on February 20. The application is still listed as “pending” at the FCC.


Cisco is taking a Cloud-to-Client approach to 5G, unifying multivendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture. It spans across multicloud, IP routing, 5G core, service edge, access networks, IoT, and security. It delivers the technology you need, where you need it, so you can keep up with—and even get ahead of—what your customers want.


ZTE has developed a series of innovative technologies for implementing the new 5G air interface such as filters OFDMA FB-OFDMA, MUSA, MIMO, UFS, smooth virtual cell (SVC) and so on. Its 5G network architecture is based on Software Defined Networking (SDN) / Network Functional Virtualization (NFV) technology.  ZTE has been actively involved in patent filings in the last five years. Most of its patents are focused on Radio Transmission systems, SDR systems, Orthogonal Multiplex Systems, synchronization corrections systems, distributed coding technology, network latency, network planning, and network security.

Reliance JIO

Jio hopes to accelerate the pace of 5G adoption in India by working with ecosystem players to bring down costs, allowing them to scale up quicker than otherwise possible. This is an exciting prospect, not just for the Indian market, but for operators in other parts of the world. Furthermore, the operator’s investment in fiber, announced in summer 2018 for its JioGigaFiber broadband service, will provide crucial backhaul for 5G. If successful, Jio could quickly become one of the world’s largest 5G operators.


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