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Incorporate Location Data into Applications at a Lower Cost

Senet’s Location Estimator derives the location of any LoRaWAN device from the location of the gateway or gateways that relay any uplink message.

A new network-based Location Estimator uses the company’s public carrier-grade LoRaWAN® network and networks deployed by the company’s Extended Coverage partners to provide customers with location logic for asset tracking, location-enabled mapping, and any application that can benefit from estimated presence and proximity detection.

Image-locatorUnique to Senet’s Location Estimator is that the end device connecting to the network does not need to be designed with specific geolocation technology, making any LoRaWAN device, regardless of its original intended purpose, location aware. Location Estimator is available immediately as an add-on to a Senet connectivity plan.

While many location services require dedicated device hardware and frequent communication with the network which can increase costs and drain batteries quickly, Senet’s Location Estimator leverages the company’s existing and rapidly expanding public LoRaWAN network, including integration with over 870,000 Helium Network LoRaWAN hotspots, to deliver location information.

Senet’s Location Estimator derives the location of any LoRaWAN device from the location of the gateway or gateways that relay any uplink message. Location accuracy is dependent on the number of gateways receiving the uplink messages from the device over time. This feature is optimized for applications that do not require precise geolocation and is targeted for use where estimated location data combined with application-specific environmental data meets the use-case requirements.

With Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) being largely dependent on the cost and battery life of end devices, Senet’s Location Estimator makes it economically feasible for solution providers to explore new use cases where the combination of location and other sensor data can enhance the value proposition of their products and services.

Example Mobile Location Use Cases

Monitoring and reporting location and other data, like temperature, humidity, and shock are critical elements of the supply and distribution process. With Senet LoRaWAN networks available in major shipping ports and along key logistics corridors, application providers serving the logistics market now have access to location and other sensor data at a fraction of the cost of expensive and power-hungry cellular services.

Example Nomadic Use Cases

Understanding the stationary and in-transit location and state of assets like shipping containers, construction vehicles, pallets, and material can help improve logistics planning and project success. Knowing where your equipment and assets are improves utilization, supports maintenance planning, and boosts operational efficiency.

Example Fixed Location Use Cases

Ensuring the correct location of fixed assets and various elements of critical infrastructure is directly related to operational efficiency and safety. Guaranteeing that only authorized installation, maintenance, and moves are taking place can help prevent capital equipment loss, service disruption, and catastrophic events.

“Many location services are over architected for the use cases they are being applied to, which unnecessarily increases the cost of devices, reduces battery life, and generates complexity of application development and service delivery. Knowing an estimated location and environmental data such as temperature, humidity, shock, and vibration are key for general asset tracking, supply chain, perishable food delivery, and many other applications,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet. “With the expansion and densification of Senet’s network through participation in our LPWAN Virtual Network and integrations with partners like Helium, our Location Estimator provides a cost-effective alternative for a variety of fixed, mobile, and nomadic use cases where precision location isn’t needed.”


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