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Low-Cost Brushless DC Motor For Electric Fan

Nidec Corporation has developed a single-phase, low-vibration, and low-cost brushless DC motor that can be installed in an electric fan.

NIDECMost electric fans used around the world employ low-cost AC (capacitor) motors, which, as a solution for the global increase in energy consumption, should be replaced by high-efficiency brushless DC motors.

While three-phase brushless DC motors are excellent in durability, noise level, and controllability, their prices, higher than those of AC motors’, have made products that are equipped with the motors expensive, posing an impediment to the AC-DC motor replacement. By contrast, single-phase brushless DC motors, despite their high cost-efficiency, have torques fluctuate widely while the motors are rotating, generating large vibration and noise.

Nidec’s newly developed single-phase brushless DC motor is lower in price than, and generates approximately the same amounts of noise and vibration as, common AC motors while retaining the high energy efficiency and controllability and other advantages of conventional three-phase brushless DC motors. Such features enable the single-phase brushless DC motors to be installed in household electric fans that are used in living rooms and bedrooms.

As the world’s leading comprehensive motor manufacturer, Nidec stays committed to developing light, thin, short, small, and high-efficiency products, and proposing, at an overwhelming speed, solutions that contribute to the evolution of home appliances.


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