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World’s Smartest Office Building by L&T Technology

L&T Technology Services Limited has recently launched the ‘Smartest Office Campus in the World’ in Israel by the world’s leading technology conglomerate, for which LTTS had been the technology partner throughout the course of the project.

The L&T Technology’s state-of-the-art building will redefine the future of work by enabling continuous and interconnected intelligent systems based on cutting-edge digital technologies such as IoT, Machine Learning and Predictive Asset Management.

L&T LogoThe futuristic campus is being run on LTTS’ smart campus platform i-BEMS (Intelligent Building Experience Management System). i-BEMS is the backbone of the modern smart building. The ingenious system-of-systems facilitates the next level of personalized user and digital experience, occupant safety, air quality monitoring and predictive diagnostics using IoT.

Using i-BEMS, the smart office will help save energy and water while leveraging Machine Learning which will also address areas such as preferred working environment for the employees and their learning and development requirements.

The new office campus offers several unique features for building occupants and facility managers alike, not experienced before in any facility.

Ashish Khushu, Chief Technology Officer of L&T Technology Services said, “We are excited to contribute to the development of the next-generation campus through our i-BEMS framework and UI/UX methodologies that map users’ true needs and facilitate a wide array of customized offerings for the occupants. i-BEMS is seamlessly integrated with critical building parameters such as HVAC and lighting management among others that help in in conservation of energy and sustainable operations. Through this engagement with the world’s leading technology conglomerate, we are delighted to take the next big leap in smart campus experience management.”

Creating engaging User Experiences

  • Customized apps guide users across every aspect of their work life – from commuting for work to indoor navigation & positioning with easy way to find available meeting rooms, message board to share posts with colleagues, workplace services appointment bookings, food & dining experience with live service and dining occupancy, commute and parking experience with collaborated car pool services, gym services, desk finder and booking, and raising service requests. There are 100+ features accessible in L&T Technology by users through a mobile app.
  • First ever interactive digital signage screens across every floor of the building that provide occupants with live updates on all major activity in the building.
  • Occupants can also control the transparency of their window glasses to harvest daylight and maintain their privacy

All of these functionalities can be accessed physically and via the mobile app version in smartphones. LTTS designed the engaging User Interface and User Experience for both the integrated digital signage systems and mobile applications.

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