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Lucideus ‘SAFE’ Fits its Term for Digital–Driven Businesses

Lucideus hacks Macbook and determines its new Platform ‘SAFE’ to overhaul the security term in the digital era

Lucideus Tech
Saket Modi, CEO & Co-founder, Lucideus

Lucideus, a snowballing IT Risk Assessment and Digital Security platforms provider has set new benchmark in the Indian security market. Lucideus at its launch today defined its stature with hacking a Macbook in less than a minute and defined the security-critical transformation of Digital 1.0.

The Indian-grown security company launched their enterprise cyber risk management platform – SAFE. The on premise and cloud model platform is touted to transform the way the C-suite, boardrooms, investors and the regulators look at cybersecurity today.

Dubbed as SAFE (Security Assessment Framework for Enterprise), the platform is an on premise deployment platform. It operates as an abstract layer that integrates on top of an organisation’s existing technology and security stack to aggregate control probing of its 2,500 control library both in an agent-less and agent-based probing to come up with real time analysis on a company’s cyber security posture – one, at a macro level (organisation wide) and second, at a micro level (asset wise).

It leverages wide array of control feeds to self-learn and evolve to more intelligent decision making using machine learning techniques, while ensuring the simplicity of the output being given in the form of a number between 0-5 being updated in real time simply via an app on the phone.

The company cited that it mathematically includes the enlisted controls (that’s updated daily via cloud sync) along with taking into account the known unknown controls for a precise cyber risk scoring framework for an organisation.

Commenting on the launch of the product, Saket Modi, CEO & Co-Founder, Lucideus said, “This is a game changing platform. Say no to the traditional forms of cybersecurity, SAFE is a perfect amalgamation of automation, self-learning and human resource capability. With SAFE, customers can expect a simplified platform which will deal with the real cyber challenges of today. With access and feedback of over two dozen CIOs and CISO’s offices, we saw a pressing need for such a platform around the world. ”

The Key Nuggets of SAFE Includes:

  • Industry Insights – A company can compare their cyber security posture across their peers from the industry (locally and internationally) with the same yard stick of comparison
  • Hack Simulation – Virtually simulate real hacks to find out one’s cyber defence posture against them
  • Compliance Management – Assess and track one’s compliance posture, both regulatory and internal, to their current level of maturity across 19 globally accepted and recognised cyber security compliance frameworks
  • DDoS Simulation – Simulate real world DDoS attacks on one’s network and web infrastructure and test resilience against the same
  • Cyber Security Budget Tracking – Plan and track one’s enterprise wide cyber security budgets with clear KPIs to be able to justify the ROI for the spend

Jonathan Boutelle, ex Director of Technology @ LinkedIn/SlideShare said, “While businesses are making a shift from physical to digital across industries, both the attacks and the attackers maturity is going up exponentially. At such times, platforms like SAFE enables the leadership teams to ensure a firm grip on their cyber risk that in most cases is directly proportional to business risks. SAFE’s technology offers a fresh look at organisation-wide cyber security posture that has the potential to disrupt the market globally. ”

Further, talking about the platform, Saket Modi said, “SAFE can safeguard you against multiple kinds of advanced cyber attacks. For example, today attacks like ransomware are a growing concern. There has been a rise of more than 40% ransomware incidents globally last year. SAFE used with any of the reputed anti-malware solution reduces the probability of a Ransomware hack by over 50%. There are many such examples that can be sighted that makes SAFE a one-of-it’s kind platform.”


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