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Telecom Players Dominance in MWC 2022 Makes it Key for Anritsu

Anritsu has been participating in Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the last many years since this is a key program where the telecom ecosystem like to have a presence. Anritsu has a booth in MWC2022 and will be showcasing its latest test and measurement solution of emerging technologies.

Madhukar TripathAnritsu this year too is all set to take the centre stage during the upcoming Mobile World Congress – 2022 (MWC 2022, Barcelona). Niloy Banerjee got a chance to have an exclusive interview with Madhukar Tripathi | Associate Director- Optical Business & Marketing | Anritsu India to demystify their stance, focus and what exciting innovations awaits this time at Anristu’s booth. The veteran also expedites his vision on 6G, automotive and shares a glimpse about their upcoming virtual Mobile World Congress Wireless Technology Event during the MWC 22. Edited Excerpts Below.

What can visitors expect this time at Anritsu’s booth during the upcoming Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 in Barcelona?

Anritsu has been participating in Mobile World Congress (MWC) for the last many years since this is a key program where the telecom ecosystem like to have a presence. Anritsu has a booth in MWC2022 and will be showcasing its latest test and measurement solution of emerging technologies.

Key focus -demonstration areas are:

  • Technologies and Measurements for Beyond 5G
  • 5G/6G Material Measurements/Characterization with Anritsu Benchtop
  • 5G Network Slicing for Automotive V2X with dSPACE
  • Smart Factory – 5G Network Slicing & MEC with InterDigital
  • Ensuring 5G Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) Validation
  • Evaluating 5G Video Quality together with Spirent and TOYO
  • 5G Assisted GPS CAT Solutions in partnership with Orolia
  • 5G Standalone Automated Assurance

3GPP has started work on ‘5G-Advanced’ from Release 18, and industry and academia are already evaluating technologies for 6G. How is Anritsu participating actively to shape the future of Telecom technologies?

With ever-increasing bandwidth /speed requirements in electronic circuits, the material through which the signals propagate at extremely high frequencies plays a very crucial role. 5G has already opened a new frequency band and now further beyond 5G is under active consideration. Anritsu has benchtop VNA to support material characterization VNA, useful for studying 6G technology.

Key highlights and showcases of Anritsu specifically for the automotive segment?

Anritsu Corporation and dSPACE, two leading companies in the fields of test and measurement as well as simulation and validation, will jointly demonstrate the integration of PC-based simulation systems with sensor-realistic simulation in a 5G network emulator at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC). The joint showcase will demonstrate how to avoid collisions between vehicles and objects or people in intersections with limited visibility.

The example application used in the demonstration is the advanced intersection collision warning (AICW). For this purpose, sensor-based information is exchanged between the vehicles and the infrastructure in the intersection area through the use of 5G communication technology. In the demonstration, V2X data and video data collected by camera sensors is provided and analyzed to warn of people or objects such as vulnerable road users (VRUs) located in blind spots, commonly found at intersections. The demonstration uses 5G network slicing technology to establish a separate URLLC link to provide V2X hazard warning data and an eMBB link to share HD video

What makes MWC such an important platform for Anritsu?

As mentioned Anritsu has been participating in MWC for the last many years and this is the right platform where most key telecom players participate and demonstrate new technology, uses cases for a robust ecosystem. MWC is the right platform to show our latest state of art technology products cum solutions used by telecom operators, mobile handset manufacturers or other mobile network system components manufacturers companies. In summary, Anritsu is contributing to this journey by producing innovative solutions to enable the eco-systems that are either developing or using the technologies and accelerating the realization of new products and services for Industry Verticals.

How does Anritsu ensure 5G Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) Validation and Communication?

As we all know 3GPP Rel 15 (ITU-R M2083) has defined some key features of 5G technology & Ultra-Reliable Low Latency (URLLC) is one of them.

3GPP technical specification (TS) 38.912 performed a study on new radio (NR) access technology that set the stage for standards-track specifications, such as TS 38.201-202 and TS 38.2011-215. Latency is part of TS 38.912.

5G mobile networks require an end-to-end latency of within 1 ms, including the wireless section; the required one-way latency of the wired section, particularly in 5G mobile networks, is about 100 µs. Consequently, communications equipment vendors must measure latency with high accuracy when evaluating devices on networks. 

MT1000A Network Master Pro a portable easy to use test solution with 10G, 25G and 100G interfaces, accurately analyses critical network performance parameters to ensure URLLC and end-to-end quality of service. MT1000A supports eCPRI/ RoE as well.

Network Master Pro MT1000A supports PTP-based Time Synchronization Measurement. Time synchronization evaluates whether the time difference (Time Error) from the distributed Grand Master Clock (GM) is within the permissible range, and plays a key role in overall network evaluation

Anritsu is also hosting a virtual Mobile World Congress Wireless Technology Event, kindly tell us about it?

We all have seen COVID-19 impact recent years and post-pandemic impact on society, telecom industry also suffered. Still, a large part of the world is suffering from new variants of COVID-19. So, Anritsu decided to reach its customer thru the virtual MWC 2022 Wireless Technology Showroom.  This virtual MWC 2022 will enable many visitors who are not in a position to travel in-person to Barcelona and can still learn the latest test and measurement solutions for new technologies – 5G use cases. MWC22 Wireless Technology Showroom – Virtual – will be opened for a longer duration assisting tech enthusiasm to learn new T&M solutions from the comfort of home from Feb 28 to April 30, 2022.


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