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IoT Trends 2019 – Things You Should Know!

While 2018 was a milestone year for IoT adoption, touching nearly all market segments and businesses at every stage. In 2019, the anticipation is huge and it denotes more growth, sophistication and traction are just around the corner.

The Key IoT Trends to watch out for in 2019 includes:


1) Smart Devices on the Rise

Smart devices will become decisively more popular across industry sectors. There will be a sharp rise in smart devices in a wide range of areas including automotive, transportation, healthcare, hospitality, and manufacturing solutions.

2) Edge Computing will be the new Industry Standard

As more and more devices become powerful enabling local data processing and AI capabilities, it will reduce data transfers volumes and cloud dependencies and will provide more flexibility and agility for business. Edge computing will significantly affect those industries where immediate action is needed based on complex real-time data analysis (manufacturing, public security) and where cloud connectivity may be restricted. However as more of the companies accustom themselves with the cloud and its capabilities, the trust will build throughout the industrial sector, with many organizations opting for cloud solutions. As confidence grows, these organizations will also harness the power of the cloud mixed with edge computing to improve operations and increase ROI.


3) The Run for More Secure Solutions

Security being the major issue for 2018, it is likely that 2019 foresees a race to further develop the most secure IoT solutions: a key step towards the transformation of the industry. Industry experts across industries will focus on battling the major security concerns and vulnerabilities surrounding IoT that have thus far subdued widespread adoption.

4) The 5G Inception

The name itself suggests the next generation of network system has, by and large, created a lot of buzz. The 5G is one of the most anticipated technology trends in the industry—will be the herald of a new era for IoT. The 5G technology will unlock the true potential of IoT where time and bandwidth speed will be crucial and will allow gathering, managing, and analyzing data almost in real-time.

5) Prioritizing AI

Artificial Intelligence is predicted to have more impact in 2019. AI has given many organizations to built their networks beyond what they can process and has filled the gap between collecting the data and making the most of it. The future of AI is that the many organizations will invest in its capabilities than to invest in more sensors, and organizations will derive exceptional value by making better use of the data they’re already collecting.


Jyoti Gazmer

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