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Mantra Softech Announces Compliance with MOSIP

MOSIP is an open-source platform for identity issuance and verification being adopted by multiple countries.

Mantra Softech has declared its compliance with IIIT-B’s Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP), through a partner program.

Mantra Softech Compliance MOSIPThe collaboration aims to aid the government and private organizations develop a versatile foundational ID system.

Speaking on this collaboration with IIIT-B, Hiren Bhandari, Spokesperson of Mantra Softech, said, “At Mantra Softech, our focus has always been to provide innovative products and cost-effective solutions. The MOSIP compliance program allows us to push the envelope of our pioneering biometric devices. The open-source foundational ID platform, MOSIP, and our interoperable systems will streamline together to incorporate it seamlessly.”

Speaking about the development, Sanjith Sundaram, Head – Biometric Ecosystem at MOSIP, said, “Our aim, through this partner program, is to facilitate high-quality plug and play technology solutions for our adopters to choose from. We welcome Mantra’s active participation in the biometric ecosystem and the compliance programs”

MOSIP is an open-source platform for identity issuance and verification being adopted by multiple countries.

The initiative is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, NORAD, Omidyar networks and the Sir Ratan Tata Trust.

Mantra Softech offers a stack of ingeniously engineered products, including software and hardware.

The MOSIP compliance has been achieved for biometric sensors of Mantra Softech such as MORPHS, MATIS X, and MFS500 LX.

These devices are ideal for National Foundational Identity use cases. Furthermore, MOSIP’s advanced SBI 1.0 and SBI 2.0 specifications for registration and authentication will address major issues related to the biometric acquisition.

Compliance of Mantra devices with MOSIP specifications will enhance the user’s confidence in Mantra’s MOSIP compliant biometric solutions.

As a leading biometric solution provider, Mantra Softech has supported pilot projects for digital identity in the Republic of Guinea and Sri Lanka and is in extended discussions with other countries too.


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