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MASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5, New GaN Configurations Available, up to 450 mΩ

All MASTERGAN devices have the same 600 V rating as well as identical QFN packages and pin configurations.

MASTERGAN DevicesMASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5 devices are now available at distributors, thus enabling engineers to create new applications. MASTERGAN3 has a resistance of 225mΩ on the low-side and 450 mΩ on the high side.

On the other hand, MASTERGAN4 has a resistance of 225 mΩ on both sides, and MASTERGAN5 sits at 450 mΩ. By offering GaN transistors of different sizes, ST allows designers to tailor their system. For instance, someone working on a 45 W charger will gravitate toward MASTERGAN3 and its asymmetrical architecture, while a resonant topology for a 100 W LED will favor the high resistance of MASTERGAN5.

Moreover, all MASTERGAN devices have the same 600 V rating as well as identical QFN packages and pin configurations. Hence, swiping one for the other is considerably more straightforward, thus rewarding engineers looking to optimize their power supply.

MASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5: Strength in Numbers or How to Boost GaN Adoption

MASTERGAN is the only series in the industry to offer a gate driver and two E-mode GaN transistors in a single package. The presence of the two transistors makes a half-bridge configuration possible, which, in turn, enables MASTERGAN to integrate numerous topologies.

The single package also means that the solution is far less sensitive to noise than a discrete alternative. The problem is that certain companies are reluctant to adopt new technologies for fear of costs and supply constraints. Hence, the availability of the MASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5 is highly symbolic. Indeed, the fact that ST is now shipping so many versions is an answer to concerns about the supply chain and overall costs. By producing more devices, we can bring prices down and guarantee a steady supply of devices, even for high-volume products.

MASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5: Necessity is the Mother of Invention or 3 Development Boards to Jumpstart Projects

GaN Configuration

To help engineers test the MASTERGAN3, MASTERGAN4, and MASTERGAN5 rapidly, we developed evaluation boards for all three models. The EVALMASTERGAN3, EVALMASTERGAN4, and EVALMASTERGAN5 all adopt a half-bridge configuration.

As a result, teams looking to shrink and optimize their switched-mode power supplies or to create a power supply for LEDs with smaller or non-existent heat sinks can start by first using these development boards to optimize their converters. Currently, the boards connect to the host microcontroller.

However, ST is working on a more comprehensive solution with a resonant stage to help engineers evaluate MASTERGAN in LLC topologies.

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