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Mate Labs Creates Fastest Demand Forecasting Platform

Mate Labs, an Indian AI start-up, has developed the world’s fastest and most accurate demand forecasting solutions.

Mate labsLaunched in 2016 as a horizontal AI platform (Mateverse v1.0), the flagship product has undergone a successful transformation as “Mateverse DF”, a powerful tool adopted by companies for unparalleled demand planning and forecasting capabilities.

Mate Labs is currently working with global Fortune 500 companies in the FMCG, CPG, Pharma, E-commerce, and Retail industries to provide fully automated, highly accurate, and granular demand forecasting solutions using the world’s fastest proprietary AutoML tech to operate at scale and speed.

Mate Labs intends to build the next-generation supply chain, which will completely automate inventory management, vendor management, and distribution logistics to reduce response time and resources required to bridge the demand-supply gap.

As its demand forecasting platform is the fastest forecasting AI engine in the world, Mate Labs’ predictions are real-time and 100X faster than traditional methods. This helps companies with a 5%-30% increase in their planning/forecasting accuracy levels. By focusing on data-driven planning, a 5% increase in forecast accuracy improves the bottom line by 1%, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Mate Labs has added six new enterprise clients in a year, demonstrating Mateverse’s unrivalled performance and market acceptance.

Mate Labs is steadily expanding its market footprint with the new enhanced version and result-focused platform, and it is looking to expand into markets in the United States and the Middle East.


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