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Matrix Decipher a Centralized Enterprise Solution to Gruh Finance – Case Study

Matrix Decipher


The corporate HR of GRUH Finance – Housing finance body of HDFC Ltd.  used to manually take account of every employee from all branches; striving to precisely note the lengthy task resulting to pay the employees regardless of their late attendance.

  1. GRUH Finance wanted to streamline Time-Attendance policies for their employees across all branches.
  2. Reaching Matrix, the company needed Centralized database management for Time-Attendance using biometric system. Additionally, a system which can automatically distribute fingerprint image to all their 120 offices in India.
  3. In addition, company also wanted to manage the attendance of those field staff who mark their “in” punch at one location and “out” punch from some other location.

Matrix Solution

  1. Enterprise range of Time-Attendance solution to GRUH Finance at their corporate head office in Ahmedabad. The central server is installed at head office and can be utilized as a system to automatically distribute fingerprint images to all the locations.
  2. Time-Attendance software is installed to use enhanced Time-Attendance and leave management features.
  3. Biometric fingerprint based Access Control and Time-Attendance device is installed at head office and biometric fingerprint based Time-Attendance terminals are installed at each branch to mark attendance of employees.
  4. Centralizied Server Attendance Solution marking employees accurately from any location as all the terminals are interconnected with each other through VPN network.
  5. Matrix has also offered web-based employee self-service portal for employees to login into the system and apply for tour/leave from any place, view attendance & holiday schedule, etc.


  1. Accurate in/out time of each employee is recorded.
  2. Centralized attendance data management from one place.
  3. Uniformity in attendance policy across all branches.
  4. Fast and paperless leave application and approval process.
  5. Real-time updates to managers on any exception.
  6. Improved overall productivity of the organization.

Application Diagram

Application Diagram

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