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Matrix Seamless Technology Automates Viva Gym’s Experience

A South African gym comprising 4000 members urged to transit its fitness experience, excluding manual intervention and reducing admin work, they were using KRS – gym and membership management software for managing all membership and payment related processes. They wanted integrated solutions which allow/deny entry based on date of completion of membership of that user. Matrix provides Access Control solution which keeps the track of membership duration and allow/deny access based on it.


  • Hygienic solution for 4000 gym members
  • Integration with existing gym management software- KRS
  • 2 different types of credentials for different type of members
  • Membership data should be transferred in Matrix software

Solution Offered:

Matrix offered innovative and contactless palm vein based door controller to control the entry of the members. Two COSEC DOOR PVRs are installed at their main entrances and integrated with the turnstile. For the physically challenged people, Matrix installed RFID card based door controller on the 3rd gate to get easy access for them.

To meet client’s software requirement in an innovative way, Matrix has integrated COSEC CENTRA with their KRS software using web API. This integration prevents any duplicate entries for the admin and saves huge time. Further to this solution, KRS software generates a unique PIN for any new member which allows entry for three times without palm verification. Member must have to enroll their palm by the time for further access. To reduce verification time and increase accuracy, Matrix has offered server based identification for the palm. COSEC CENTRA server identifies and verifies member palm template in less than 2 Sec and gives accurate result which prevent long queues.

  • RFID card based wireless Time-Attendance and Access Control terminal
  • Palm vein based time-attendance and access control terminal
  • Web based server for 4000 users
  • Integration with KRS software using Web API

Application Diagram

Matrix Seamless Technology


  • Automatic Gym Management
  • Easy Integration with Third Party Software
  • Member’s Database Management
  • Hygienic System for Members
  • Higher Safety by Controlling Access to Gym
  • Easy Tracking of Membership Duration
  • Faster Access because of Local Server
  • Low Palm Template Rejection Ratio
  • Improved Security of Gym


  • COSEC DOOR CAW –RFID Card based Wireless Time-Attendance and Access Control Terminal
  • COSEC DOOR PVR – Palm vein based Time-Attendance and Access Control Terminal
  • COSEC CENTRA LE – Application Server for 1000 users
  • COSEC USER1000 – 1000 users license for COSEC CENTRA LE


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