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Maxim Releases Trinamic-Branded Intelligent Actuator

Maxim Integrated Products has launched new Trinamic-branded PD42-1-1243-IOLINK intelligent actuator  which enables modern smart factories to quickly and remotely adjust an actuator’s electrical characteristics to minimize factory downtime and maximize throughput.

Maxim It combines a NEMA-17 stepper motor with controller and driver electronics. With Trinamic now part of Maxim Integrated, the PD42-1-1243-IOLINK uses the flexibility of Maxim Integrated’s MAX22513 IO-Link transceiver to allow seamless configuring of all modes of Trinamic’s TMC2130-LA motor driver.

As the industry’s smallest, lowest-power NEMA-17 PANdrive solution, the intelligent actuator monitors 50 percent more configuration and performance parameters to reduce commissioning times as well as improve the quality of predictive maintenance data.

The new chipset solution of TMC2130-LA motor driver and MAX22513 IO-Link transceiver builds upon the benefits of IO-Link’s two-way universal interface. The PD42-1-1243-IOLINK intelligent actuator incorporates industry-leading motion control technology into a plug-and-play solution that is 2.6 xs smaller and more than 50 percent lower power compared to the competitive solution.

It brings intelligence to the factory floor by providing 50 percent more parameters compared to the competitive solution to help improve predicting factory shutdowns and maximize factory throughput.

 Key Advantages:

  • Increased Productivity: Adjusts more device parameters on-the-fly by providing access to load values and noise reduction parameters using StealthChop technology to dynamically optimize actuator throughput performance
  • Lower Power: CoolStep power savings feature of TMC2130-LA, combined with low RDSon N-Channel power MOSFETS of MAX22513 provides best-in-class power savings compared to other NEMA-17 IO-Link drives on the market
  • Small Size: PD42-1-1243-IOLINK provides the smallest IO-Link intelligent actuator by eliminating external limit switches to detect hard stop conditions resulting in a solution size of 82cm3.


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