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Meet this Singapore Based Robotic Startup – Botsync

MAG AMR is Botsync’s flagship product which is a key part of their automation solution.

BotsyncBotsync has successfully raised US$3.2 million to date with its latest pre-Series A funding round.

The funds will be used to scale the company’s automation solution offerings and support the growing demand for automation across existing factories and warehouses. Notable investors in this round include Wong Fong Engineering, Seeds Capital, Angel Central, VentureCatalysts, Amit Pachisia, ZB Capital, Iterative, Locus Ventures, Funderbeam, Nalin Advani, and Roger Crook with Wong Fong Engineering and Seeds Capital as returning investors.


MAG AMR is Botsync’s flagship product which is a key part of their automation solution. It will be deployed more actively across Asia over the next two years with a focus on Singapore, Malaysia and India.

“This funding is a testament to our investors’ confidence in our mission to provide adaptive and accessible autonomous mobile robot solutions. We are excited to expand our teams in Singapore and India, scale our commercialisation strategy and enhance the features of our AMRs to improve the product experience for our customers. We are now primed to build strong partnerships with our customers and offer tailor-made solutions that can be implemented flexibly across Asia,” said Rahul Nambiar, CEO and Co-Founder of Botsync.

“One of the key benefits we offer is the efficiency of deploying our automation solutions. With MAG AMRs and our software platform, syncOS, the solution can be deployed across existing sites within days instead of months. This deep learning-based mapping approach is more cost-efficient and reduces the overall deployment time for companies to automate their goods movement and/or production processes,” said Rahul.

Powered by a deep learning engine, Botsync’s in-house MAG AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are designed to be easily deployed across existing manufacturing and warehousing sites by creating a one-time map of the operating site. Utilising the base map and multiple integrated sensors, MAG AMR can autonomously navigate across the operating site to transfer loads of up to 1500 kg with compliance to international safety standards for autonomous vehicles. The MAG comes in two variants, MAG300 and MAG1000, its modular architecture of MAG AMRs allows it to easily fit into various types of load requirements across different industrial operations.

Automating the Future

In addition to further deploying its flagship product, Botsync will also enhance its no code automation platform, syncOS and further improve on features that could add value to its customers’ daily operations across all its solutions and partnerships.

“Automation is the catalyst needed to give companies the edge to stay competitive globally and to be ahead of the innovation curve. Wong Fong envisages that Botsync will be able to effectively harness robotics and artificial intelligence technology to pioneer automated solutions and scale its operations and offerings in Asia and beyond,” said Jack Wong, Group CFO, Wong Fong Engineering.

“The warehousing space is growing at tremendous speed and Botsync has found an appropriate niche targeting manufacturing companies rather than e-commerce. The need for innovation in the sector is high and the company has done a great job helping close that gap. We are confident that Botsync will play a significant role is solving India’s logistical and storage challenges as we continue to grow as an automotive and textile hub for the world,” said Aditya Mody, Venture Partner, Venture Catalysts.


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