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MEMS Sensors Monitor Fuel Performance

Rising global temperatures and increasing population have led countries to create guidance for fuel economy and emissions standards across the world. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, transportation comprises the largest fraction of greenhouse gas emissions (29 percent), of which light-duty passenger vehicles contribute 59 percent. Current Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards require passenger vehicles to reach an average of 23km/L (54.5m/g) by 2025 for all of a company’s light-duty vehicle offerings. It is worth noting that this standard is an average over the entire fleet and does not require each light-duty vehicle to reach this level of fuel economy.

This target, enacted to push the industry to make considerable strides in automotive development to aggressively curb greenhouse gas emissions, caused shockwaves of development at Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in two areas. Some are heavily investing in Electric Vehicles (EVs), while others are focusing on improving Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) with waste heat recovery or other incremental engine improvements. The excitement around EVs and autonomous vehicles (AV) fueled market penetration by new OEMs. Still, there are inherent challenges to the mass commercialization of EVs and AVs, creating an opportunity for ICE technology.

OEMs turned to Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors to begin to address incremental improvements to ICE fuel economy. This blog examines how engineers are using MEMS sensors to improve fuel economy and emissions.

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