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Security Does Not Come In A Single Form

Mike Ballard, Global Segment Leader, Microchip Technology Inc elaborates on Microchip’s offerings, their technical expertise to help customers, key drivers and the security myths busted.

Mike BallardThe complexity and criticality of developing IoT solutions is not anymore a spiel. Complex projects, helping developers in their development journey and also prompting easy and secure connectivity all lies important while developing IoT solutions and Microchip seems to have the answers and ecosystem for it. Niloy from BIS in this latest interview with Mike Ballard, Global Segment Leader, Microchip Technology Inc elaborates on Microchip’s offerings, how the company is helping customers with technical expertise, key drivers and the security myths busted. Edited Nub below.

While developing IoT solutions, developers look for quick, easy and secure connectivity. Also increasing project complexity and cost is a major factor. How are Microchip solutions helping developers in their development journey to catering innovative IoT solutions?

While direct BOM cost is of importance to OEMs implementing IoT designs, time to market is often more critical in the design process. Missing a project date by months or even years can cost OEMs millions in lost opportunity cost.  This is another reason why Microchip’s proven hardware and software solutions are so valuable to our clients.  By utilizing our proven software stacks that have been optimized to be used with our hardware, OEMs can reduce engineering time and get to market faster.

Microchip touts to make IoT development journey easy with its offering of a complete embedded ecosystem? Can you help our readers understand more about this ecosystem and what benefits they can unveil with Microchip’s offerings in this space?

The first place to start is our website (  There readers will find a vast array of information including reference designs, application notes, and software stacks that aid our clients and help in their development.  This ecosystem of information provides customers value by offering corporate and third-party consulting services, hardware design, software design and even assistance with contract manufacturing. Helping our customers be successful in many different markets is a strength of Microchip in the industry

How is Microchip helping their customers who are need of technical expertise in a timely manner? Hence kindly elaborate about your partner ecosystem?

Since IoT is the marriage of the embedded world and the IT world, hence, creating robust IoT designs can become quite complex.  By utilizing our partner network, our clients can gain expertise from us as well as our IoT partners who have extensive experience in connecting these two worlds.

The impact of 5G and how it will be a game-changer for IoT?

IoT has been growing quickly for the past +10 years in many markets and applications.  Some of those applications have had limited growth due to the limitations of wireless technology with both speed, latency, and range.  5G is helping to break down these limitations and is enabling new applications that would not have occurred with older technologies.

Microchip has a gamut of offerings in the IoT space, how do you ensure security in your solutions? 

Keeping our client’s proprietary designs, information, software, and access secure is the primary concern of all IoT developers.  Security does not come in a single form but rather is and end-to-end doctrine that must be constantly addressed throughout and IoT design.  From secure boot technologies to ensure the software has not been compromised to IP protection to ensure OEM’ intellectual property is not stolen, to secure communication to keep data from getting in the wrong hands, to secure access control, Microchip offers the most prolific security solutions in the industry today which is critical in all IoT designs.


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