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Micron Presents its Annual Diversity, Equality and Inclusion(DEI) Report

Micron Technology has released its third annual diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) report, demonstrating advances with regionalized commitments and initiatives across the U.S., Asia and Europe.

ReportThe report measures progress to create a positive, diverse culture for the company’s stakeholders and examines various facets, including race and ethnicity, gender, compensation and giving.

“Micron’s commitments further reinforce our strong support toward building a more inclusive workplace and society grounded in equality where under-represented groups have ample opportunity to advance at all levels,” said Micron Vice President of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Sharawn Connors. “We value the diverse voices and perspectives of our team members around the world, they play an important role in influencing meaningful change in Micron’s business and the communities in which we operate.”

Micron’s efforts, including the appointment of Lynn Dugle to its board of directors, drove steady growth in the number of women in technology and leadership roles in fiscal 2020 (FY20). Dugle’s appointment increased female representation on Micron’s board to more than one-third.

In India, Micron’s focus on accelerating the hiring of female technical talent through partnerships with university engineering programs and diverse colleges resulted in a 22% increase in NCGs in FY20.

Also, the company doubled the number of team members self-identifying as living with disabilities and increased membership in its employee resource groups (ERGs) by 84%. Among the 25 new ERG chapters Micron created worldwide, three were established in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

These chapters focus on different forms of diversity, from empowering women through Micron Women’s Leadership Network, embracing LGBTQ+ with Pride + Allies group to fostering acceptance and creating communities of understanding by the Micron Young Professionals ERG.

To further demonstrate the company’s commitment to equality, Micron expanded its pay equity mandate this year to include stock awards and achieved full parity for these awards for all underrepresented groups globally.

Micron’s annual DEI report also details its efforts throughout the year to address un-derserved communities’ needs. These include prioritizing the Micron Foundation’s funding to help underrepresented groups during the pandemic, especially families disproportionately affected by COVID-19, and contributing $1 million to communities in India.


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