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Microsoft Corp. enters in global partnerships to combat cybercrime

microsoftREDMOND, USA: Microsoft Corp. announced three new global partnerships on Wednesday with the Organization of American States, Europol and FIS to increase cooperation between international law enforcement and the private sector in combatting cybercrime and helping build a safer Internet.

Microsoft officials signed memorandums of understanding with representatives of the three organizations during the company’s first annual Cybercrime Enforcement Summit, which brought together more than 60 leaders and experts from law enforcement, academia and the private sector to share legal and technical solutions to meet the global spread of cybercrime.

The conference follows the opening last fall of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center, an advanced facility designed specifically en route for powering the global duel against cybercrime.

The agreements institute a framework intended for cooperation and are envisioned to spur collaboration and help Microsoft work with each of the three organizations to pursue criminal syndicates engaged in cybercrime. Microsoft, the OAS, Europol and FIS anticipate that the alliance will allow them to strengthen their forensic and technical analysis of malware and botnets; assessment and investigation of emerging malware threats; enforcement actions against cybercriminals; and the ultimate undoing of these criminal organizations.

“Cybercriminals are increasingly sophisticated in preying on consumers, including children and senior citizens,” held Mr. Brad Smith, Microsoft executive vice president and general counsel.  Volumnising further that – “These agreements will help the private and public sectors fight cybercrime more effectively, while protecting our customers’ privacy.”


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