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Milos Rasic Won “Just Encase” Design Challenge

Participants designed remote monitoring solutions to withstand hazardous environments

“Just Encase” Design Challenge organized by element14, where 55 participants from around the world designed remote monitoring systems utilizing Arduino MKR WAN 1300 and Hammond Manufacturing enclosures to determine their success and resilience in hazardous environments.

Design-challengeThe Grand Prize winner, Milos Rasic, milosrasic98 from Serbia, created a complex design named the OrbWeaver Rover that can cast a “net” of sensor boxes around a targeted area to monitor various data points including temperature, heat index, humidity and air pressure across multiple locations. The OrbWeaver also boasts active suspension.

The “Just Encase” Runner-Up, Christopher Kettell, christophesky from the United Kingdom, developed a Garden Pond Monitor that measures water temperature at various depths and can determine the total dissolved solids, pH, air temperature, humidity, light levels and air pressure. All aspects functioned properly in a total submersion test.

Other participants created myriad projects to monitor wind, solar, pool water quality/chemical levels, air quality, winter driving conditions, landslides, irrigation, particulate matter and more.

“Our community of makers and engineers continue to impress with projects that solve for important issues around the world where monitoring is essential, even in extreme conditions, said Dianne Kibbey, Global Head of Community and Social Media for the element14 Community. “We’re continually grateful for this ingenuity and thoughtfulness that goes into these challenges.”

The grand prize winner of this design challenge received a Sony PlayStation 5, a luxury earthquake survival kit, survival shelter and vehicle fire extinguisher; a total value of $1,050.


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