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Mitsubishi Electric Investigates Improper Testing of CGIS

Mitsubishi Electric has started investigating internally with several inspections of 72/84kV CGIS (cubicle-type gas-insulated switchgear) manufactured at its Power Distribution Systems Center in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture was not entirely under customer-requested standards, which required compliance with the Japan Electrotechnical Committee (JEC), the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (JEM), or the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Mitsubishi There were also cases where improper statements were included in the inspection reports when inspections were conducted differently than the standards required at the time.

Mitsubishi Electric halted shipments of the products in question as soon as the issues were discovered. Currently, only those products for which inspections are confirmed to have been conducted properly are being shipped. Electric utilities and other customers using the products in question are being notified of the situation.

Regarding the safety, functionality or performance of products that have been shipped, the company has conducted tests during several stages of production such as, product development, mass production, and installation, and during each of these stages, there was no confirmation of any issues regarding the products.

The company is not aware of any accident or other incident attributable to this matter. Mitsubishi Electric will be open to special inspections of the products as needed upon discussion with any customer. An investigative committee consisting of external experts was established by Mitsubishi Electric on July 2 and the committee is currently continuing its investigations.

The cause of these issues and measures to prevent any recurrence will be announced as soon as the committee issues its final report. Meanwhile, Mitsubishi Electric will publicly announce any other serious matter, including improper testing of other products that are newly uncovered through further investigations.

At present, Mitsubishi Electric has determined that there is no need to revise its consolidated earnings forecast for the current fiscal year. The company, which is working sincerely with customers and implementing necessary preventive measures, will disclose any potential impact on the consolidated earnings forecast that comes to light hereafter.


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