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Boost for Electric Vehicle Market as Mitsubishi Electric Introduces New Power Semi-Conductor Module for Motor Drive Applications in Hybrid Vehicles and EVs

Hitesh Bhardwaj
Hitesh Bhardwaj,General Manager, Semiconductors & Devices, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd.

The Indian government has ambitious plans to shift on a mass scale to electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030. The plans are opulent and certainly hold several paybacks for environment conservation. While the transformative thrust for electric vehicles is a very positive move for India and the world, it presents myriad opportunities as well as challenges.

Mitsubishi Electric has already taken a step towards making the idea of mass scale shifting to electric vehicles a reality. The company recently launched a new J-Series transfer molded power semiconductor module (T-PM) mainly for motor drive applications in electric and hybrid vehicles. It is known that automotive components must especially meet stringent safety standards, which creates demands for power semiconductor modules that provide greater reliability than modules for industrial equipment.Evs

Mitsubishi Electric pioneered the mass production of power semiconductor modules for hybrid vehicles in 1997.The company’s new module is expected to contribute to further compactness, weight reduction and reduced power consumption in inverters for electric and hybrid vehicles. It has some cutting-edge features like reduced inverter size and weight achieved through the extra compact package with high integration. The compact power semiconductor module features a highly integrated sixth-generation IGBT with a carrier-stored trench-gate bipolar transistor (CSTBTTM) structure and high-thermal conductivity isolation sheet in a transfer molded package.

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