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Mitsubishi Electric to Transport ML770B64 for 5G Mobile Base Stations

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will initiate shipping of samples of ML770B64, its 100Gbps EML (electro-absorption modulator laser) CAN for high-speed, large capacity optical data transmissions in fifth-generation (5G) mobile base stations on radio access networks on October 1.

 MitsubishiML770B64 supports enhanced manufacturing productivity. The new 100Gbps EML CAN not only meets these requirements, it also contributes to greater efficiency in manufacturing optical transceivers. The new 100Gbps EML CAN utilizing the industry-standard TO-56 CAN package will be provided for 5G base stations.

100Gbps EML CAN supports high-speed, large-volume 5G mobile networks.  As a TO-56 CAN package equipped with an EML device, achieves an industry. It has leading  transmission speed of 100 Gbps thanks to the widening frequency bandwidths of EML devices and packages (package size: φ5.6mm) and the adoption of 4-level pulse-amplitude modulation (PAM4).

It  reduces power consumption of optical transceivers by about 60 percent.  The Operating case temperature range between -40°C and 95°C due to downsized thermo-modules (which convert heat and power to keep EML device temperatures constant).

The Power consumption of thermo-modules reduced by approximately 60 percent compared to current FU402REA model for 100Gbps transmissions. 3) Improves productivity in manufacturing optical transceivers. It simplifies fabrication of bi-directional optical modules used in optical transceivers. – Compatible with standard TO-56 CAN package.


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