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Mitsubishi to Set-up Dedicated Factory for Industrial Mechatronics

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has shared that it will be setting-up the Industrial Mechatronics Systems Works as of April 1, 2021 within the premises of the company’s Nagoya Works in Nagoya, Japan.

Mitsubishi ElectricThe functions which currently lay under Nagoya Works for development and manufacturing of computerized numerical controllers (CNCs), electrical discharge machines (EDMs) and laser processing machines will be transferred to the new Works, improving flexibility and speed in responding to customer needs.

The Industrial Mechatronics Systems Works will become Mitsubishi Electric’s dedicated factory for industrial mechatronic products, which contribute to the manufacturing industry through automation of product and parts processing. The recent evolution in digital manufacturing has pushed manufacturers to seek solutions that offer increased benefit in processing, automation and labor efficiency. To satisfy these customer needs for diverse and advanced solutions and to address the issues around a shrinking workforce, industrial mechatronic products need to provide increased productivity, processing accuracy and quality.

The change in organizational structure will enhance Mitsubishi Electric’s competitiveness in the industrial mechatronic systems and industrial products businesses, which were previously both handled by Nagoya Works.

The new Works will focus on the development and production of industrial mechatronic products, including the application of new technologies such as AI to such products, while Nagoya Works will handle programmable logic controllers (PLCs), servo motors, human machine interfaces (HMIs), inverters, collaborative and industrial robots, three-phase motors, electromagnetic switches, transformers, software and other industrial products.


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