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Mitsubishi Takes Measures to Prevent Recurrence of Work-Related Issues

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has completed the execution of a company-wide “Mitsubishi Electric Workplace Reform Program” (announced on January 10, 2020) to help prevent the recurrence of work related issues.

MitsubishiAll measures in the program have been implemented, and a third-party evaluation has been conducted by outside experts to assess the effects of each measure. After consultation with the Assessment Committee based on the results of the third-party evaluation, the Company has decided to introduce short-term priority measures and long-term measures, including the adoption of “Five Joint Statements of Labor and Management” and the introduction of 360-degree evaluations, as well as evaluation indicators to assess the effectiveness of these measures.

The Company’s approach will additionally be adopted by its affiliated companies. Some measures will be tailored to individual companies’ circumstances, but in principle, the Company will enforce common measures across the Mitsubishi Electric Group.

The Group considers prevention of the recurrence of work-related issues as its top management priority and will continue to make every effort to create a work environment where all employees can maintain their mental and physical health and work actively.

To help ensure that work-related issues do not recur, the company instructed external experts to conduct a third-party evaluation to assess the effects of each measure. The evaluation analysed aspects such as the operation of preventive measures and the degree of their penetration in the workplace. The results indicated that the measures are effective to a certain degree, but partially not enough in the preventing, detecting or addressing of work-related issues.

Based on the results of the third-party evaluation of our measures to prevent recurrence and on discussions by the Assessment Committee, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation will further improve workplace environments from both a short- and long-term perspective in accordance with the roadmap.


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