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mmWave Spectrum for 5G Significant to Transform India, Says Report

A new report from the GSMA entitled “The Impact of mmWave 5G in India.” was launched during a GSMA-GSA-COAI event which focused on the importance of how mmWave spectrum for 5G can help transform India.

GSMA“For India to realize socio-economic benefits and foster the adoption of the most technologically advanced 5G use cases, the government should make the spectrum release timeline available to industry stakeholders as soon as possible,” said Manoj Misra, Senior Public Policy Director, GSMA, India.

 “It was after a great effort and support from DoT during WRC-19 that mmWave spectrum has been identified for 5G. We are confident that these reports will help the Government in its understanding in making mmWave available promptly for the deployment of 5G networks and services” said Lt. Gen Dr. SP Kochhar, Director General at COAI during his opening remarks.

Mr. Jitendra Singh, Head, GSA, said,Access to a broad range of spectrum resources is one of the main growth drivers for the deployment of mobile broadband, IoT, and fixed wireless access services; conversely spectrum can also be a limiting factor for the expansion of services into new markets and industries. In India, where we’re seeing fast adoption of smartphone and mobile devices, requires a high volume of the spectrum, not only to connect, but also to serve Indian population with the required data rate to leverage the full potential of the digital economy.We encourage the government to consider these bands for immediate inclusion in NFAP and announce the auction road map for these mmWave bands.”

Most of the opportunities mmWave-enabled 5G offer largely depends on how and when the spectrum is made available. The new GSA report “Technical Report mmWave bands for 5G – India” focuses on this aspect, considering the vision and targets set by the National Digital Communication Policy (NDCP-2018) and 5G High-Level Forum (5G HLF).

The report also recommends that India should formalize its NFAP and announce its time-plan for 5G mmWave implementation as soon as possible to give visibility to stakeholders and plans of operators and vertical industry relying on mmWave spectrum bands.


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