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Mobile-Flex Heralds Expertise to Secure BYOD milieu

mobileflex logoFLORIDA, USAThe novel Mobile-Flex patent-pending protocol affords “a radically different yet simplified means of empowering employees to boost productivity with a total computing solution that is familiar, user-friendly and assures that employer data, programs and systems are fully secure, without allowing access to a remote desktop,” alleged Ken Ray, Mobile-Flex president.

“The Mobile-Flex simplified solution is now available for iOS, Blackberry, Android and Kindle devices, with versions for Windows Desktop, Windows Mobile and Macintosh Desktop coming soon,” Ray held.

“Mobile-Flex provides quick access to the same programs, files, and data employees can normally access from their home-office systems. It eliminates the employer’s risk of unmanaged devices, unsecured connections, loss or theft of a device, hacked or compromised systems, data breaches, or employee departures,” Ray alleged.

Built in a tower-like formation, the proprietary technology’s layers reads in the order, viz:

Technology that serves as what may be proverbially called as “the whole kit and caboodle” for any enterprise or organization, minus the use of RDP or HTML5 sandwiched between the server and the device. Specifications zeroed in, Terminal services are not used and there is no access to a remote desktop of any kind;

A Windows environment using HTML5 on the server-side only, with full-blown, 100 percent Active Directory user ID-password authenticated sessions;

Storage of information without ever placing outstanding traces of data, cookies, temp, or for that matter log files on any user device;

A communications protocol that compresses graphics from the Windows presentation manager and sends them to the mobile device through a sole dedicated port (making the whole enchilada blind ranging from robots, followed by sniffers, or hacking algorithms and their risks);

A token-driven technology accrued as an end-to-end application for controlled and safeguarded communiqué;

Programs, applications, and data are in one piece warehoused in the Mobile-Flex Host Controller ready for a mobile-device user’s next Mobile-Flex connection session;

Administrator-assigned usage with control of access rights in accordance with dynamic user tokens that can be reappraised at any time.“Mobile-Flex technology eliminates the need for organizations to ever again write custom applications for any mobile devices-saving the additional time, expense, and trouble of retraining employees in those applications – as well as any need to create and manage BYOD-use policies,” Ray elucidates.


Jawed Akhtar

A Journalist by interest and a Music Enthusiast by passion. Wedded to Mother Nature, Jawed indulges his aesthetics in travelling and reading books of varied genres. Having covered News stories for top Dailies in his formative years, that is, he is game for tryst with Technology at Techmagnifier.

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