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MORNSUN Introduces 120-350W ACDC Converter LOF Series

MORNSUN latest open-frame ACDC Converter LOF series can meet the standard of the medical industry, and comes with the power of 120/225/350W.

MORNSUN ACDC ConverterThe power density of LOF products is upgraded, and the dimension is reduced by 59% ((LOF120: 3″×2″×1.2″ (1W/cm3), LOF225: 4″×2″×1″ (1.7W/cm3), LOF350: 5 “×3″×1” (1.4W/cm3)) compared with conventional products. It will provide more layout space for customers.

The safety regulation of LOF series input-output meets international medical regulations 2xMOPP, and LOF series with active PFC function will be safer and more reliable in practical application. It meets medical electrical equipment standards (IEC/EN/ES60601-1), industrial standards (IEC/EN/UL62368, IEC/EN61558) and home appliance standards (IEC/EN60335)


Low leakage current (<0.1mA) is suitable for BF medical equipment and non-patient contacting devices, and it also meets industrial application standards.


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