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MORNSUN Introduces AC/DC Converter LS-R3 Series

The Flyback converter in the switching power supply is the most common AC/DC power supply. With the development of integrated circuit technology, most of the circuits in the yback converter are integrated into the IC, and there are few peripheral components. That makes it possible to power supply which has general functions with just adding a suitable transformer. It’s simple but not optimized for personalized and differentiated needs, engineers are always puzzled to balance the design cycle, cost, reliability, ease of use, dimensions, performance and personalization of power supply. And now, MORNSUN’s newest AC/DC Converter “LS-R3” series can resolve this puzzlement.

Save Cost from Multi-dimension

MORNSUN Introduces ACThe cost of power supply section accounts for a large proportion of the cost of electronic devices, forcing many customers to use discrete solutions to reduce costs. But discrete solutions can only reduce raw material cost, there is still multiple type of cost included such as design cost, manufacturing cost, time cost, management cost, quality cost and invisible risk cost, etc.

Manufacturing cost: LS-R3 series is full automation manufacturing. It not only reduces the Labor costs, but also improves product consistency and pass rate, which makes LS-R3 series provide most competitive price to customers with low quality cost and manufacturing cost.

Time cost: We have countless power supply application and one-to-one support service from FAE to help customers design peripheral circuits according to their own applications, which can shorten product design cycles, save customer’s design costs and time.

Flexible Peripheral Design for All-rounder Application

Engineers expect to make a personalized product to meet different electronic devices in a shortest design circle. However, shortening the design time often results in rough product design, and pursuing personalization may make the design complicated with poor compatibility and low economical efficiency.

MORNSUN LS-R3 series shoot customer’s troubles with the all-matching core design with flexible peripheral circuit.

By adopting different peripheral circuit, LS-R3 can be used in almost all applications including low cost consumer products and even high end power for extremely harsh outdoor environment.


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