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Mornsun Successfully Concluded its Last Power Supply Seminars 2019 in India

Mornsun has successfully hosted its last power supply technology and high-efficiency application seminars of the year 2019 in India – in New Delhi and Pune.

MornsunAt the seminars, our FAE gave keynote presentations involving the EMC diagnostic skills along with some case analysis, risk assessment when using power modules in real applications, Mornsun’s up-to-date converter solutions in some specific applications and discussed some latest issues in the power field with the attendees who spoke highly of the seminar, from which they learn a lot of expertise about power supply and gain deeper insights how to achieve high-performance power solution for their system.

As the power technology continues to increase in complexity year after year, engineers are commonly facing the same challenges that how to accelerate the design, achieve first-time success and ensure high-performance and reliability of power conversion for their whole systems.

After our FAE shared the breakthrough achievements of Mornsun’s new generation power supply modules, such as DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, power ICs, etc, discussion turned out to be enthusiastic when the participating engineers noticed that a wide range of power modules from Mornsun which are optimized for size, efficiency and cost that actually can provide them with a solution that is close enough to meet their desired performance.

Multiple applications were explored across the seminar, including industrial field, IoT, smart home, automotive power system, railway transportation, PV, communication, etc. and end up with the attendees’ warm feedback.

Mornsun concluded its last seminar of the year in Pune. Thank you to all of our participants, staff, and distributors for a successful program. We look forward to hosting more seminars in India next year!

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