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Mouser and STMicroelectronics’ eBook Explore Sensor Solutions

Mouser Electronics Inc. and STMicroelectronics announce a new eBook that provides a comprehensive overview of products, strategies, and innovations in the industrial sensors market.

In Industrial Sensing Solutions, leading experts from ST and Mouser offer detailed insights into the newest strategies using industrial sensors, as well as the products empowering innovation on the factory floor. The eBook features multiple articles on advancements in MEMS technology, highlighting the critical roles these devices play in Industry 4.0.

While sensors have long been a fixture in industrial applications, their deployment has been slowed by issues relating to cost, size, and accuracy. Advances in compact MEMS technology have created new opportunities for sensor deployment in smart factories, while reduced cost and current consumption have improved the scalability of sensor solutions. The new eBook from ST and Mouser examines the technological advances achieved over the past decade, highlighting the many ways in which sensor suppliers have addressed customer demands.

Industrial Sensing Solutions features detailed information on several ST products, including the LSM6DSOX iNEMO inertial module and the ISM330DHCX iNEMO inertial SiP module, specifically tailored for Industry 4.0 applications.

These robust system-in-packages incorporate a 3-axis digital gyroscope and 3-axis digital accelerometer in a low-power solution with a machine-learning core. The machine-learning core, an ST innovation, is a power-saving feature that allows the sensor to recognize activities without having to wake the rest of the system.

The eBook includes convenient links and ordering information for nearly twenty sensor products offered by STMicroelectronics, as well as links to useful video content. STMicroelectronics’ complete range of products, available from Mouser, includes sensors, development boards, semiconductors, RF modules, and other electronic components.

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