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Mouser Stocks Silicon Labs EFR32FG23

Mouser Electronics has stocked the EFR32FG23 Flex Gecko wireless systems-on-chips (SoCs) from Silicon Labs. The EFR32FG23 sub-GHz wireless solutions combine long-range RF and energy efficiency with PSA Certified Level 3 security to meet the demand for secure, high-performance, battery-powered IoT products.

MouserThe Silicon Labs EFR32FG23 SoCs, available from Mouser Electronics, expand range and power efficiency for multiprotocol sub-GHz connectivity for a wide range of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart city, and building and home automation applications.

Featuring an integrated power amplifier and excellent receive sensitivity, the SoCs deliver increased range of 1+ mile and exceptional 10-plus-year battery performance with fast wakeup times.

Together with optimized ultra-low transmit and receive radio power (13.2 mA TX at 10 dBm 868 MHz, 3.7 mA RX at 868 MHz) and best-in-class RF (up to +20 dBm output power and -125.3 dBm RX at 868 MHz, 2.4 kbps GFSK), this single die, multi-core solution is ideal for battery-powered field area network nodes, wireless sensors, and connected devices in remote locations.

The EFR32FG23 SoCs are supported by a suite of development tools, including the Silicon Labs FG23 868MHz-915MHz +14dBm Development Kit. This compact, feature-packed development platform kit provides a fast path to develop and prototype sub-GHz loT products and includes support for the FG23’s onboard segment LCD controller, as well as other key features, such as the Low Energy Sensor Interface (LESENSE) and pulse counter.


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