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Mouser Electronics Collaborates with PANJIT

Mouser Electronics has signed a collaboration deal with PANJIT. Through the agreement, Mouser now stocks a wide selection of PANJIT diodes, rectifiers, and transistors.

MouserThe PANJIT product line now available from Mouser Electronics includes high-reliability, automotive-qualified E-Type transient voltage suppressors (TVS). The 150 W to 400 W E-type TVS products use epitaxial (EPI) planar wafer process technology, which provides high surge, low reverse current, and better clamping voltage capability than traditional wafer process technology. The devices meet AEC-Q101 standards and are suitable for automotive applications as well as consumer electronics, wearable devices, and household appliances.

PANJIT’s Power MOSFETs for wireless charging transmitters provide an advanced solution for wireless chargers to work properly and efficiently. The power MOSFETs are assembled in a low-profile package that saves space while delivering similar ON-resistance and thermal resistance. These devices feature low switching losses, high switching frequency operation, low operating temperature, and low gate drive losses.

PANJIT’s high-voltage fast-recovery epitaxial diodes (FREDs) are available from Mouser in voltages ranging from 600 V to 1200 V. The power FREDs offer exceptional trade-off performance in forward voltage and reverse recovery time, enabling engineers to design power systems with maximized efficiency.

PANJIT’s silicon-carbide (SiC) Schottky barrier diodes offer low forward-voltage and zero reverse recovery current to ensure cooler system temperature under harsh operating conditions of power conversion systems. The diodes also feature low conduction and switching losses, high surge current capability, temperature-independent switching behavior, and positive temperature co-efficient on the forward voltage.


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