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Mouser Electronics Ships Analog Devices’ Prototyping Platform

Mouser Electronics and Analog Devices have introduced into the distribution channel the AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ light detection and ranging (LiDAR) prototyping platform.

MouserDesigned specifically for the development of both hardware and software LiDAR depth-sensing applications, the modular prototyping platform helps to reduce system development time and shorten the path to a working LiDAR system prototype in applications such as automotive, environmental, aerospace/defense, security, and industry 4.0.

“Analog Devices provides the tools and design resources engineers need to develop next-gen LiDAR applications, and we are thrilled to offer their LiDAR Prototyping Platform to our global customer base,” said Jeff Newell, Mouser Senior Vice President of Products. “As the industry’s NPI leader, Mouser is committed to providing our customers development resources for leading-edge technologies, helping engineers to expedite their development time and deliver the next wave of LiDAR-based technologies to the market faster.”

The Analog Devices LiDAR Prototyping Platform, available from Mouser Electronics, is a modular hardware and open-source software platform for 1D non-scanning LIDAR development. The hardware components of the platform consist of a laser board and an analog front end (AFE) board that plug into a high-speed data acquisition (DAQ) board, which includes an FMC-compliant connector interface that enables designers to connect their preferred FPGA board.

 The laser board houses four individual lasers for the accurate firing at a 905 nm wavelength. Designers can fit custom optics on the board using industry-standard mounting adapters based on design need. The hardware platform can deliver a range of up to 60 meters, with a horizontal resolution of 16 pixels and a data sampling of 1 GSPS on four separate channels.

The platform’s open source software integrates with industry-standard tools and operating systems, including Linux Industrial I/O applications, MATLAB, Simulink, custom C/C+, Python, and C# applications. A licensable JESD204B interface framework helps reduce development complexity and time for deterministic data delivery to the host system.

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