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Mouser Electronics Sponsors Digi Webinar on Managing and Scaling Remote Networks

Mouser Electronics has announced a new webinar from Digi titled “Deploy, Manage and Scale Your IoT Communications Network.” In the webinar, experts from Digi and ElectriCities will teach IT professionals how to gain complete visibility and control over distributed devices, enabling them to manage, grow and secure their networks.

Mouser electronicsThe free webinar occurs at 10 a.m. U.S. Central time on June 18, 2020, and will be available on demand after the event.

As companies begin to scale their device networks, and can no longer efficiently monitor or update all of their devices, administrators fully understand the importance of a management interface that lets them monitor, manage and update their networks. This 30-minute webinar (followed by a Q&A session) seeks to answer:

  • Why automated configuration management is a critical security feature for networks of connected devices.
  • How scalability is vitally dependent on the ability to gain visibility and perform mass updates across the entire network.
  • How configurable system alerts can give administrators the ability to perform predictive maintenance and enable teams to rest well at night.

In the webinar John Coates, ElectriCities Lead Systems Coordinator, will share how his company uses dashboards to track performance data in real time, and how Digi solutions enable ElectriCities to remotely control generators for temporary coverage when main power fails at a managed site. Stefan Budricks, Digi Product Manager, will provide insights on some of the critical ways in which Digi Remote Manager improves every aspect of deploying a network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, while making them more secure, simplifying the process of keeping them up-to-date with the latest firmware, and ensuring that companies can keep tabs on them anytime, from anywhere.


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