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IEEE Srilanka Robotics Workshop Sponsored by Mouser

Mouser Electronic has announced sponsorship of Robot Operating System Workshop conducted by IEEE Srilanka Robotics which has been organised on March 6.

IEEE_Srilanka_MouserThe online workshop ensures that engineers and students get an understanding of issues involved in Robot Operating system. This free, live workshop specifically for engineers who are new to Robotics technology will be hosted by IEEE-Srilanka Robotics. During the event, key industry speakers will demystify Robo operating system, help engineers, and students in learning new design techniques.

“By sponsoring workshops like this, Mouser gets to support the innovators, inventors, and scientists who will create what’s next in technology,” said Daphne Tien, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development – APAC, “Mouser strives to empower innovation in engineers of all ages, from providing resources and tools for engineers to fostering young peoples’ imaginations.”

Mouser’s sponsorship underscores its commitment to offer the newest innovation in Robotics. It explores some of the key technologies required for IIOT, industrial automation and collaborative robots. Attendees can explore Mouser’s ebook In The Future of Robotics offering a collection of articles exploring relevant topics such as autonomous robotics, sensor fusion, and communications standards for sensors in robotics.. Mouser Electronics latest eBook on The Intelligent Revolution series examines fascinating new uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in farming and other specialized applications targeting the human experience.


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