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Mouser Launches Second e-Book of Intelligent Revolution Series

Mouser Electronics has released Artificial Intelligence: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Safety, the second eBook from The Intelligent Revolution series. The new eBook relays stories from professionals who are examining a variety of applications for artificial intelligence (AI) in public safety, ranging from health and medicine to new uses for robotics. 

Intelligent“This year has demonstrated the importance of developing new solutions for public health and safety, and artificial intelligence has led to key breakthroughs in several applications,” said Kevin Hess, Senior Vice President, Marketing at Mouser Electronics. “The newest eBook in The Intelligent Revolution series explores several of these new AI applications, highlighting how new developments will lead to tangible improvements in public health outcomes and safety practices.”

Mouser’s engaging new eBook series on AI is part of the company’s award-winning Empowering Innovation Together program. The eBook, Artificial Intelligence: A Multi-Faceted Approach to Safety, features thought-provoking articles from experienced science writer David Freedman.

The first article highlights how robots and AI have been employed to disinfect grocery stores and food banks as a means of preventing the spread of COVID-19, while in another Freedman examines how machine learning can help staff at eldercare facilities prevent patient falls. The third fascinating article describes how AI has supported the use of living cells in the development of new drugs and organic compounds. While the process previously required time-consuming programming efforts, AI has made the system more efficient and less expensive. 

The Intelligent Revolution series provides a collection of resources covering new uses for artificial intelligence. In addition to eBooks, the series includes blog posts, polls, and info graphics, providing readers with a comprehensive learning experience.

Established in 2015, Mouser’s Empowering Innovation Together program is one of the industries’s most recognized electronic component educational programs. The previous series have highlighted the process of turning an idea into a product, as well as innovative developments in robotics and smart city design.


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