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Mouser Offers Broad Lineup of Qorvo Products

Mouser Electronics has recently started stocking a broad range of Qorvo products, including RF power amplifiers, filters, and application controllers, suitable for a wide variety of cellular infrastructure, satellite, and cable TV (CATV) applications.

Mouser Qorvo product highlights available from Mouser include:

  1. Qorvo QPA2575 Ka-Band Power Amplifier: This fully integrated and 50-ohm impedance matched SMD amplifier provides a 19 dB small-signal gain to deliver up to 3 watts output power in the range 32 GHz to 38 GHz. The input and output include DC blocking capacitors.
  2. Qorvo QPA2310 C-Band 50W GaN Power Amplifier: The GaN-based 50 W QPA2310 RF power amplifier is packaged in a QFN format and provides a +23 dB gain with up to 53% power-added efficiency. Designed for applications operating in the 5 GHz to 6 GHz C-band spectrum, all input and output matching components are integrated within the device, saving board space and weight.
  3. Qorvo QPA2309 C-Band 100W GaN Power Amplifier: Based on Qorvo’s QGaN25HV process, the 100 W QPA2309 operates in the 5 GHz to 6 GHz C band and includes all matching components and delivers up to +23 dB gain with a 52% power-added efficiency.
  4. Qorvo QPL181x Suite of CATV Amplifiers: The QPL181x series ICs are single-ended, matched, 75-ohm, low-noise, small-signal GaAs RF amplifiers designed specifically in use in cable modems, FTTH infrastructure, DOCSIS 4.0, and set-top box applications operating in the 50 MHz to 1800 MHz frequency range. The small-signal gain characteristics across the series are typically 15 dB.
  5. Qorvo QPQ1298 High-Performance BAW Filter: Designed specifically for the 160 MHz bandwidth sub-band 41 uplink and downlink applications, the bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter features a low insertion loss of 2.5 dB and an attenuation characteristic better than +30 dB and up to +46 dB in the Wi-Fi range.


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