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Mouser, ON Semiconductor to Create Content Platform

Mouser Electronics and ON Semiconductor have allied to create a new content platform devoted to the newest brushless DC (BLDC) motor control resources, products, and technical insights from ON Semiconductor.

MouserON Semiconductor leads the industry in MOSFETs and other power, sensing, and protection devices and has decades of experience in the industrial BLDC market.

Designers and engineers can access the platform by visiting

The new content platform from Mouser and ON Semiconductor offers a comprehensive repository of presentations, blogs, and videos, demonstrating the manufacturer’s leadership in some of the most challenging motor control and motor drive applications.

The platform covers topics ranging from autonomous vehicles and e-bikes to industrial automation, collaborative robots (cobots).

Mouser offers a broad range of products from ON Semiconductor, including MOSFETs, gate drivers, current sense amplifiers, and low dropout regulators.

The Motor Development Kit (MDK) Family is a comprehensive motor drive prototyping platform that consists of a Universal Controller Board (UCB) connecting to a wide variety of Power Boards, enabling users to rapidly test, evaluate, and optimize their systems before designing any hardware.

ON Semiconductor’s Trench6 N-channel MV MOSFETs are optimized to minimize on-state resistance with exceptional switching performance, making them an ideal choice for power load switches, battery management, and high-end computing.


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