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Mouser Stocks Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AB and BHA260AB

Mouser Electronics is now offering the BHI260AB and BHA260AB, the latest generation of ultra-low-power smart sensor hubs from Bosch Sensortec.

Mouser ElectronicsDesigned for always-on sensor applications in wearables, hearables, AR/VR devices and smartphones, the BHI260AB and BHA260AB integrate a powerful coprocessor to offload sensor processing from the main processor, which can reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

The Bosch Sensortec BHI260AB sensor, now shipping from Mouser, and the BHA260AB sensor, available to order from Mouser, integrate a best-in-class 3-axis MEMS accelerometer (BHA260AB) or 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer inertial measurement unit (BHI260AB).

Both devices incorporate Bosch Sensortec’s Fuser2 Core, a 32-bit floating-point microcontroller with 256 kBytes of on-chip SRAM. The configurable Fuser2 Core draws just 950 µA in the efficient 20 MHz Long Run mode, and 2.8 mA in the high-performance 50 MHz Turbo mode.

The BHI260AB offers up to 25 general-purpose input/outputs (GPIOs), while the BHI260AB provides up to 12 GPIOs. Both devices include a host interface configurable as SPI or as high-speed I²C with data rates up to 3.4 MBit/s for power-efficient data transfer. The sensor hubs also support the integration of other sensor devices, including GNSS and various localization systems.

Mouser also offers corresponding shuttle boards for the sensor hubs. Both the BHI260 shuttle board and BHA260 shuttle board, available to order from Mouser, include external sensors that can be connected to the sensor hubs using the available jumpers on the PCB. The shuttle boards allow easy access to the sensors’s pins via a simple socket and can be plugged into the Bosch Sensortec Application Board.


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