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Mouser Stocks Microchip maXTouch Touchscreen Controllers

Mouser Electronics has stocked maXTouch 1664-node and 144-node touchscreen controllers from Microchip Technology.

MOUSERMicrochip maXTouch 1664-node and 144-node touchscreen controllers use a unique charge-transfer acquisition engine to implement a patented capacitive sensing method. The entire touchscreen sensing solution can measure, classify and track a number of individual finger touches with a high degree of accuracy in the shortest response time.

Both the 1664-node mXT1664T3 2.0 and 144-node mXT144U 1.0 allow for both mutual and self-capacitance measurements, with the self-capacitance measurements being used to augment the mutual capacitance measurements to produce reliable touch information.

The mXT1664T3 2.0 supports up to 16 concurrent touches in real time, with a maximum of 1664 nodes allocated to a 15.6-in. (16:10 aspect ratio) touchscreen. The mXT144U 1.0 supports up to five concurrent touches in real time, with a maximum of 144 nodes allocated to a 3.3-in. (1:1 aspect ratio) touchscreen.

Both controllers allow for thick-glove (5 mm) touch on glass lenses up to 4.5 mm in industrial touchscreen and human-machine interface (HMI) applications.

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