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Mouser Stocks Transphorm 4 kW Power Factor Correction GaN Eval Board

Mouser Electronics has stocked the TDTTP4000W066C-KIT totem-pole power factor controller (PFC) evaluation board from Transphorm.

MouserThe Transphorm TDTTP4000W066C-KIT is a 4kW bridge-less evaluation board that demonstrates the advantages of gallium nitride (GaN) FET technology. This evaluation board offers improved performance and efficiency with GaN FETs in fast-switching leg and low-resistance MOSFETs in the slow-switching leg of the circuit. The evaluation board is designed around the Transphorm TP65H035G4WS 650V GaN FET and Microchip Technology’s MA330048 digital power plug-in module (PIM) with dsPIC33CK digital signal controller to control the PFC powertrain.

The TDTTP4000W066C-KIT operates at an input voltage range of 85Vac to 265Vac, 47Hz to 63Hz, and requires an ambient temperature of less than 50 degrees Celsius. The digital 4kW bridge-less totem-pole PFC code is based on an open-source design from Microchip Technology that provides access to existing firmware.

Applications for GaN FET technology include motor-drive inverters, photovoltaic (PV) inverters, and PFC power supplies.


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