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Moxa Releases Ethernet EDS-2000-EL and EDS-2000-ML Series

Moxa has launched the brand new series of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches – the EDS-2000-EL and EDS-2000-ML Series. These new series have truly demonstrated Moxa’s engineering excellence to add advanced features in unmanaged switches with extra small footprint.

Moxa-12In order to help expand the networks with ease, Moxa has made the EDS-2000-EL and EDS-2000-ML Series reliable, easy-to-deploy and versatile to fit a variety of industrial applications.

The EDS-2000-EL Series is known for its extreme small size, almost as small as a credit card, but jam-packed with advanced features. Unlike traditional unmanaged switches, the robust EDS-2000-EL Series enables Quality of Service (QoS) for critical data transmissions to ensure reliable Ethernet connectivity, whether deployed in a machine or in the field.

The more data points you can connect, the more business insights you can leverage. For industrial applications, especially in harsh environments, the need for rapid and reliable network expansion is even more crucial for safety and productivity.

The EDS-2000-ML Series, which features more functions can help gear up your edge network for expanding connectivity.

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