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Moxa Rolls Out MXview Wireless Add-on Module

Moxa has launched MXview Wireless add-on module for their MXview industrial network management software.

Moxa“A major benefit of this module is that users can now view the wireless and wired network status from a single main control dashboard. This feature not only lets you quickly understand the network conditions of the factory but also makes network management much easier,” says Lyra Li, Product Manager at Moxa.

“The roaming playback function lets users review a client’s roaming history of the past 30 days to repeat an incident. Users can leverage this function to find and address the root cause more efficiently, instead of having to consolidate and examine individual device logs,” says Lyra. Exclusively developed by Moxa, these two functions are specially designed to fulfill the growing requirements of automated factories, smart logistics, and other intelligent applications.

Furthermore, users can monitor connectivity patterns and customize alert settings to immediately notify them of any problems. In turn, this allows engineers to perform on-site troubleshooting quickly and efficiently, ensuring maximum network availability.

The MXview Wireless add-on features a dynamic topology view to let users see the status of wireless links and connection changes at a glance. Moreover, since automated vehicles constantly roam between different APs around the facility, users can overlay the network topology on top of a floor map of the facility to easily locate the vehicle by just checking the client’s wireless connection. This helps save a great deal of time when trying to identify a malfunctioning client device.

In response to the transformation of the industrial environment and an increasing number of Wi-Fi applications, the new MXview Wireless add-on module fulfills the different requirements of both static and dynamic wireless applications in smart manufacturing.

Leveraging the experience in wired network management with MXview, the newly released MXview Wireless add-on module was created to get the most out of Wi-Fi applications.

To encourage everyone to experience the power of this industrial network management software, Moxa is also launching a special promotion program. From now until December 31, 2021, users can fully enjoy the MXview Wireless add-on for free for one year by simply activating the MXview Wireless add-on module for MXview.


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